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The Connecticut LEEs
Descendants of Thomas LEE
        Thomas LEE sailed from England in 1641 with his wife Phebe BROWN and 3 children.  During the trip, Thomas died of smallpox.  According to R.H. Lee, Jr., Thomas was the son of Wm. LEIGH (1594-?).  Thomas' wife Phebe (1620-1664.12.22) was the daughter of Wm. BROWNE  (1593-1650) & Jane BURGESS.  Thomas & Phebe were married 28 Dec 1634, about 7 years before his death.  Before 1648, Phebe remarried a Mr. LARRABEE, and in 1662 she married James CORNISH.

Marylou Barrett <NGC>
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R.H. Lee, Jr. <NGC>
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Drusilla Sheldon <NGC>
NOTE:  NGC is the National Genealogical Conference, a free "genie" BBS system that is dying rapidly because of migration to the internet.

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