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DAR Lookups

From: "E., Carol"
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 04:30:55 -0500

Dear All:
Some volunteers from the society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) have established a wonderful new program for users of Rootsweb.  These volunteers will do lookups in their database and records if you think one of your ancestors served in some capacity during the American Revolution.  These volunteers have more databases that are available to them than the ones commonly used by the search engines.

The process is fairly simple -- go to the DAR message board.  There are two ways to do that:
> message boards
> topics
> organizations and societies

Or if you want the easy way :-)

Address your message as follows:
subject : DAR Lookup > surname> location > dates

In the body of the message put the information regarding the person.  Be sure to fill out the surnames box at the bottom since the new search engine will be keying on that item.  Leave the email response box checked and you will be notified when the DAR volunteers respond.  Give them a week or so to get to your request.

We really appreciate their efforts. This info can be key for:
a: joining these prestigious organizations ( DAR & SAR)
b: sending a request for the copies of the files that were submitted and the information they have available.

Many thanks to:
Glenda Thompson, DAR VIS Volunteer
Vice Chrm. Patriot Lookup
for organizing this effort and all the many volunteers that are donating their time and effort to us instead of pursuing their own ancestors.

Best Regards
John A Hansen
DAR board admin.

BTW: Please forward this message to other lists and boards that each of you are involved in.  A word of thanks to each volunteer that does this work and especially the one that responds to your post would probably be highly appreciated.

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