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Can it be that we're
'Hot on the trail' of JLX's ancestors?

       I think so!  After finding the following ship passenger list, the "Parents of JLX Team" began researching where these people lived after they arrived, in an attempt to see if they are ancestors of JLX and his neighbors.
      Because these surnames are constant neighbor-surnames of JLX, the two groups may be related.  However, there are several generations missing between the two groups.  Will they connect?  We're stumped going backwards, so this effort attempts to work from both ends in hopes that we can connect them.  If we suceed, we'll have not only JLX's parents, but maybe his grandfather, great-grandfather, and maybe more.  Cross your fingers!

"Ship List Extracts", Vol. I p.122 (Before 1661)
2 Jan 1635 'Bonaventur' London to VA
Hill, John (50)
Wood, John (26)
Bryan, John (25)
Sturdevant, Roger (21)
Lee, John (17)

List of all passengers on board

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