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Team Searching For
The Parents Of John LEE, Esq.

Team Members:
        Melissa Boyen, Lorien Gunsallus, Jim Williams

15 Oct. 1997: 
        A ship passenger list has been found that shows a John LEE bound from London to VA in 1635.  With him on that trip were BRYAN, HILL, STURDIVANT, & WOOD.  Since these surnames seem to be constant neighbors of JLX, it is quite possible that the Colony-bound John LEE is JLX's ggf (based on dates).  So far, there is no clue as to the names of the interveining 2 generation names, but we're working on that.  (Jim Williams)

7 Oct. 1997:
        The theory that JLX is the son of Godfrey, & gs/ John in the Somerton Ck. area on the NC-VA border has been proven wrong.  JLX is about the same age as Godfrey & his brother John (who also isn't JLX).  (Jim Williams)


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