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By our 'Master Error Finder' John Goldsmith

A Note from Jim @ LeeHouse:
Cousin John Goldsmith is doing a teriffic job at finding possible errors in our JLX GEDCOM.  But, he needs help in correcting possible erronious data.  I ask that you help by picking at least one item, and try to figure out what the correct data is.  Please e-mail John if you have an answer, and I'll post the correction here, correct the master GEDCOM, and remove it from the question list.  Remember, this is a "Team" effort.    =Jim=

From: John Goldsmith
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 15:19:57 EDT
Subject: JLX revisions

We are all a team on this.  If I hadn't been told about this web site, I would have lost countless hours researching the same info.  I am trying to do my part & be a helper not a downloader.  This web site has saved me countless hours at the library.  Hats off to cousin Jim for making this possible.  I would not even know how to start a web page, much less maintain it.  Cousin Jim needs a pat on the back & maybe some donations (money or help in his web site) so it will benefit us all.  Please forward this to whomever you please.  A million thanks, Cousin Jim, from Cousin John.

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18 June 1999

  • Lillian "Evie" Jones-Dill married 1917 1st child born 1915?
  • William Edward Jones 1890-? 1st child of 2nd marr'g born 1895?
  • 7 June 1999
  • Martha Elizabeth Lee (ca.1847-) m.1849 David Mallow.  She would have been 2, so marr'g date must be wrong.  Anybody got the answer?
  • Edward Galbraith 1848-1920 married 1890 1st kid born 1868?
  • Cynthia Ann (Lee) Kesterson 1866-1898 Marr'd 1879 at 13 years of age?
  • 18 May 1999:

  • Thomas H. Chesnutt 1833-? married 1860.6.20, 1st kid born 1855?
  • Samuel J. Lee 1801-1828, married 1833, should be 1823?
  • Michael Bacon Lee 1805-1828, youngest kid born 1830?
  • Robert Gregory ca.1790-?, oldest child born 1790?
  • John Benjamin LEE married John Thomas RHODES?

    Children born before parent's marr'g: (from jlx/jr/Hopkins branch)

  • Jette Mae WOOLEY + Leonard Franklin MURPHEE; m.1925 child b.1922?
  • Geo. Wash. LEE + Nancy FULGHAM; m.1840 John V.B. b.1839?

    1st child born too soon?

  • William Henry Lee 1828-1910; Married (ukn) 8-24-1848; 1st child born 9-20-1848?
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    Data Changes & Additions
    by John Goldsmith

    20 Oct '01: - From SSI records: 

  • Robert LEE
    SSN 432-36-8356 Residence: Arkadelphia, Clark, AR 71923
    Born 31 Jan 1891 Last Benefit: Arkadelphia, Clark, AR 71923
    Died Dec 1978 Issued: AR (Before 1951)
  • James REID
    SSN 454-12-7251 Residence: Waco, Mclennan, TX 76707
    Born 22 Feb 1903
    Died Mar 1976 Issued: TX (Before 1951)
  • Mable M. REID
    SSN 451-04-5303 Residence: Waco, Mclennan, TX 76707
    Born 17 Aug 1914
    Died 9 Feb 1989 Issued: TX (1969)

    20 July 2001

  • Addition:
    Desc's of Capt. Edward Franklin LEE [esq/Capt.Thos/John/Wm.Tinsley].  About 31 names.  captEFlee.ged

    8 July 2001

  • Anybody got the answer to this?:
    Look at Eula Mae Lee who married Marvin Radford.  Both sons born in 1955 a few months apart.
  • Change dob:
    Zilpha BLACKMAN, who marr'd Herod THORNTON, Sr. should have a dob of "ca.1786" -- not 1795.

    7 July 2001

  • From SSI records:
    Myrtle Irene Lee married a Peedin
      SSN 242-30-1855 Residence:  27577  Smithfield, Johnston, NC 
      Born 5 Sep 1917 Last Benefit:     
      Died 11 Mar 1993 Issued:  NC (Before 1951) 
    Margaret Lee married a Hamilton
      SSN 237-74-4127 Residence:   
      Born 27 Oct 1920 Last Benefit:     
      Died May 1991 Issued:  NC (1962) 
    Edna Irene Lee married a Johnson
      SSN 243-30-2236 Residence:  27524  Four Oaks, Johnston, NC 
      Born 29 Jun 1923 Last Benefit:     
      Died 6 Apr 1998 Issued:  NC (Before 1951) 
    The only Preston Lee who passed away in 1977.
      SSN 231-28-6042 Residence:   
      Born 26 Apr 1930 Last Benefit:  28306  Fayetteville, Cumberland, NC 
      Died Jan 1977 Issued:  VA (Before 1951) 
      NOTE: dob is more than 9 mo's after father's death
    Sophia Savannah Lee married a Aycock.
      SSN 242-80-3786 Residence:  27577  Smithfield, Johnston, NC 
      Born 24 May 1915 Last Benefit:     
      Died 15 Apr 1999 Issued:  NC (1965) 

  • Found this on Rock Island POW camp, Rock Is., IL.  Possibly Haywood THORNTON (1821-)
    Thornton, H. Pvt F 2 Ga Cav Oct 26/28, 1864 Grave# 1587
  • 6 July 2001 

  • Add: Lena Mae LEE death date & spouse BARBOUR
    Soc.Sec: Lena BARBOUR
    SSN 241-54-1396 Residence: 27577 Smithfield, Johnston, NC
    Born 9 Jan 1912     Last Benefit:
    Died 11 Sep 1996  Issued: NC (1954)

    27 Mar. 2001

  • Modify: from Gail Hopkins
    Descendants of Herod Thornton Sr.
    1. Herod Thornton Sr. (b.13 Feb 1778-,,NC;d.8 Nov 1855-Hopeful Community,Fayette,GA)
    sp: Zilpha Blackman (b.Abt 1785;d.1818/1820)
       2. Rebecca Jane Thornton (b.17 Jun 1804-,,NC;d.9 Apr 1898-,Fayette,GA)
       sp: John Brogden
          3. (issue=6) Brogden
       2. Blackman Thornton (b.13 Jun 1806-,Johnston,NC;d.11 Nov 1892-Hopeful Community,F,GA)
       sp: Jenefer Lee "Jincy" McClenny (b.5 Nov 1811-,,NC;d.8 Feb 1877)
          3. (issue=8) Thornton
       2. Sarah Thornton (b.22 Aug 1810-,,NC)
       2. John B. Thornton (b.25 Jun 1813-,,NC;d.1866-,Fayette,GA)
       2. Herod Thornton Jr. (b.22 Jun 1815-,Johnston,NC;d.25 Sep 1891-,Fayette,GA)
       sp: Rebecca Scales
          3. (issue=2) Thornton
       2. Felix Thornton (b.29 Jan 1818-,,NC;d.25 Mar 1911-,Fayette,GA)
    sp: Phereby Lee (b.1790-,Orange,NC;d.1870-,,GA)
       2. Haywood Thornton (b.13 Mar 1821-,,NC;d.26 Oct 1864-Union Prison - Rock Island)
       sp: Mary Jackson (b.Abt 1822)
          3. (issue=1) Thornton
       2. Eveline Thornton (b.8 Jul 1824-,,GA;d.29 May 1891-,Fayette,GA)
       sp: William Needham Jackson (b.13 Nov 1819;d.14 Apr 1905)
          3. (issue=1) Jackson

    13 Mar. 2001

  • Add: New Researching Cousin; Barbara Galbreath - jlx/Edward/Edward/Joel W./John H./Joel A./...
  • Add/delete children from GEDCOM
          Edward+Nancy FAIL
    delete   (issue) LEE
    add      Benjamin
             +Saucer, Benjamin F.
             +Bransford, ?
             Nancy H.

    6 Nov. 2000
    Add: New Researching Cousin

  • Elizabeth Ann (LEE) Dotson - jlx/Edward/Lemel/William/Daniel/Albert Pike/Benet Franklin/Arlie Pike/Elizabeth
  • Benet Franklin LEE & Desc's (Gedcom)

    12 May 2000

  • jlx/Edward/James/Edward/
    1. Elizabeth Ann "Betsy"
    2. Wright
    3. Sarah
    4. Ambrose
    5. Allacola
    6. Wm. Raines
    7. Ursula
    8. Edward
    9. James A. "Monkey Jim" aft.1846- [source Ambrose Lee]

    7 May 2000

  • jlx/Edward/James/Edward/ Right Wright

    28 Feb. 2000

  • cbLee.ged from Liz Allman: [jlx/ Thos./ James/ Isaac/ Isaac/] Charlie Blane LEE + spouse & desc's (34 names).
  • Overton.ged -- From John Goldsmith (19 duplicates with new data & 34 new names)

    22 Feb. 2000

  • Youngest child on 9 Feb 2000 list below (Cordelia ?) should be:
    [Overton,] Lenora Cordelia 19 Oct 1861.Shelby'AL-15 Apr 1936.Shelby'AL
    +McDanal, Joseph A. 15 Feb 1858.AL-22 Jun 1925.AL

    10 Feb. 2000
    Merge (GED):

  • Jesse OVERTON (shown below) and Rachel OVERTON who marr'd Gaines LEE are brother & sister.
    Overton, David
    +Tucker, Mary Edna
    Overton, Rachael
    +Lee, Gaines
    Overton, Jesse
    +Bailey, Sarah Jane

    9 Feb. 2000
    Additions (GED):

  • Sarah Jane Bailey (10/11/1824.AL-)
    married Jesse Overton 12/23/1819.AL-3/6/1863 son of David Overton & Mary Edna Tucker
    All kids born in Alabama; source 1850 & 1860 Shelby Co., Al. census
    Van Buren ca.1840 male,
    Atha ca.1841 female,
    Moriah A. ca.1843 female,
    Adolphus ca.1845 male,
    John ca.1847 male,
    Harriet ca.1849, female,
    Mary ca.1851 female,
    Ellen ca.1853 female,
    J. Buchanan ca.1857 male,
    Jennie ca.1859 female,
    Cordelia ?

    5 Feb. 2000
    Additions (GED & FGS):

  • New Cousin Frances Williams adds the following names (in red):
    JLX/ John Jr./ James/
    7 xxb132BLee, Kader (he later changed it to ‘Cader')
    8 xxb132Ba Lee, Ciely Emily
    9 xxb132BabLee, James Robert 'Bob' 1867- (out of wed lock)
    9 xxb132Bab-Cotton, Nancy Cornelia
    10 xxb132BabcLee, Wilma Ernestine
    10 xxb132Babc-Smith, Burl Alison
    11 xxb132BabcdSmith, Sally "Frances"
    11 xxb132Babcd-Potter, Joseph Emile Jr.
    12 xxb132BabcdePotter, Joseph Emile III
    12 xxb132Babcde-Nichlous, Tracy

    24 October 1999
    GEDCOM corrections:

  • Warner Lafayette Bailey 1925-1989. HE HAS NO KIDS (2nd marr'g). All kids belong to Charles Walton Bailey 1903-1987, his dad.
  • [data that was here has been removed at source's request]

    20 October 1999
    From Christopher & Haywood Lee (new names):

    1		Lee, John, Esq.
    13		Lee, Edward
    132		Lee, William
    132-		Ingram, Elizabeth [6-xxb162]
    1321		Lee, Ingram 
    1321-		Braswell, Martha  
    13211		Lee, Nancy Lee c 1808-
    13212		Lee, Cintha c 1810-
    13213		Lee, Coleman M. c 1816-
    13214		Lee, Lucretia/Louisa c 1820-
    13215		Lee, Martha c 1830-
    13216		Lee, Joseph Ingram c 1831-
    133		Lee, Lenuel "Lom"
    1335		Lee, Wm. S.
    13352		Lee, Britton
    133526		Lee, Manassa B.
    1335263		Lee, Arthur 
    1335263a	Lee, Reginald
    1335263ab	Lee, Christopher 

    14 August 1999
    From Barbara Hamilton (duplicate GEDCOM entries):

  • James Napp
  • Wayne Nolta
  • Tranquilla Lee
  • Warren Carroll Lee Jr.
  • Steven Ray Hall
    NOTE: These dup's lead to others -- a total of 27 duplicates.

    5 July 1999
    From Glenn Smith (children of Needham LEE & Nancy WHORTON - duplicates):

  • Anne P. and Parthena A. = Parthena Ann 1844.2.28.AL-  m. Thos. B. MILLER
  • Martha M. = Martha Melissa 1850.12.27-  m L.P. LEONARD
  • dual Josephene's 1852.5.23-
  • Helen N. = Nancy Helen ca.1846.4.4.AL-  m. Bartholemu BOYLE
  • dual Susan Jane's 1836.5.23-  m. Dr. Jasper GOODSON

    NOTE: There should be 10 children in the following order:
    Edward, Stephen, Susan, Wm., James, Parthena, Nancy, Harriett, Martha, & Josephine.

    18 June 1999

  • From: John Goldsmith
    Dixie Rosaline Lee-Sloan 1878 thru 3-??-1974 ssi # 256-64-5405
    Prudie Blankenship-Lee 1892 thru 8-??-1977 ssi # 410-08-8002
    Nancy Lula Lee-Taylor 1893 thru 3-??-1979 ssi # 411-18-6893
    (Poss. sp. of Nancy) John Taylor 8-13-1896 thru 10-??-1968 ssi # 410-22-2252
    Lillie Iris Lee-Gardner 1913 thru 4-23-1997 ssi # 415-38-5889
    Carlow Parsons 1904 thru 5-??-1990 ssi #421-10-5864
    Malcolm Ellis Parsons 1906 thru 7-22-1992 ssi # 421-10-5465
    Margaret Dean-Jones 1900 thru 11-28-1996 ssi # 417-86-5191
    Lillian "Evie" Jones-Dill 1894 thru 9-??-1978 ssi # 421-44-5769
  • From: David Rains
    Lee, Thos. (Capt.; son/JLX)
    m3. Ingram, Mary* (her m2; wid/John RAINS; dau/Richard)

    The RAINS line:
    Rains, John
    Rains, Henry 1715-1790
    +Oliver, Ann
    Rains, John 1742-1772
    +Ingram, Mary* (her m1.)
    Rains, Henry 1767-1838
    +Lane, Patsy
    Rains, ..... David
  • 7 June 1999

  • Ola Price 1-26-1899, 12-?? SSN 408-03-2131
    Her husband Ellis Johnston 8-1-1900, SSN 408-01-3460
    Their son Hasson 2-17-1924, 2-?? SSN 415-28-5783
  • Carl Price 9-2-1902, 8-21-1992.Chattanooga,,TN SSN 256-07-6661
    wife Lillie (WEST) 7-4-1900, 6-2-1991.Chattanooga,,TN SSN 410-08-0631
  • Louiza L. (Lee) Price 9-25-1873/78, 9-13-1967.Knoxville,,TN SSN 408-86-0557
  • The table below showing the "Nancy+(James) Britain & Britain+Sarah" marriages below needs modification.  Britain (s/Winifred) marr'd two 1st cousins, both named Sarah: m1.Sarah LEE (d/John), and m2. Sarah BAILEY (d/Zelpha).
  • Capt. Thos. LEE
    2) John
      3) Winifred
      4) Zelpha
    24) Sarah
    35) Nancy
    33) Britain
    42) James Britain
    45) Sarah

    6 June 1999

  • James W. Headrick born 1811-1890, last should be Hendrick.
  • Thomas E. ALLEN, 2 kids with last names as LEE.

    LEE, Sarah (d/Godfrey & Elizabeth STEVENS)
    McNAIR, Gilbert "AM" (s/Gilbert)
    *McNAIR, Tirquill ca.1825.GA-
    *m1.3 Jan 1850 Barbour Co.AL, Maceadonia or Manderia (Illegible) CROCKER
    **McNAIR, Mary ca.1851 m.27 Dec 1871, Pike Co.AL, Randal BOYETT
    **McNAIR, William Gilbert, Born September 19 1852:
       m1.1875 Lucy Jane BUTLER
       m2.1885 Elizabeth DEASON
    **McNAIR, John Wesley 1854- Married Rosetta BUTLER
    **McNAIR, Sarah, Born 1856- Married Jun 24 1874 William Jasper TANTON
    **McNAIR, Eliza R., Born 1858-
    **McNAIR, Martha Ann 1860- m.22 May 1879 Troy,AL Carter Braxton PRICE
    **McNAIR, Walter E. 1862
    **McNAIR, Susan F. 1865
    <<<<<<<< [remove from m2 & place here]
    *m2.10 Feb 1867 Amanda (Mrs. SPEERS) (had a son William SPEERS)
    **McNAIR, William F. "Lovell" 1869.9- m.1888.1.5.Escambia'FL Martha E. SUAREZ
    **McNAIR, Melvina 1872-

    2 June 1999 

  • Mary LEE daughter of (John Lee 1776-1842) married John A SMITH. Duplicate marr'g needs to be removed.
  • Mary's sister Nancy Lee married Jackson LEGGET, double marriage again.
  • Calvin LEE 1818-1880 married Mary HARRIS, kids duplicated.
  • William Augustus LEE 1837-1906, married Nancy BRYANT, kids duplicated.
  • Husband of Elizabeth B. LEE, Nelson PATTERSON Jan 27, 1911 - Apr ?? 1973, SSN 411-01-6838 looks like a match.
  • Delete marriage of Brit Bailey to his sister Nancy.  Should be bro & sis marr'd 1st cousin bro & sis as follows:
  • Capt. Thos. LEE
    Nancy +James Britain
    Britain +Sarah

    Children of James Britain BAILEY & Nancy (BAILEY) BAILEY:

  • John Ausburn Bailey born ca 1827 in Texas, died during Civil War.

  • Eliza "Elsa" Bailey born ca 1832, in Texas.  Married a unknown TOWNLEY.

  • Carl Bailey born ca 1835?  He is the child that died on Nancy's return from Texas after her husband died [bef 12 May 1838].  An ACTON man went & got her. The child died between Texas & Alabama.

  • Helen E. Bailey born ca 1838.  (Census lists Al. as place of birth; this could be an error, as well as birth year.  Nancy would have been pregnant on her return trip & it would fit.  Or Helen was born before 1838 in Texas & left with the family.  More research needed).  Helen married Henry J. Armstrong on Oct 6, 1869 in Shelby Co., Al.  She is on the 1870 census with her mother.
  • 31 May 1999

    Mary E. (LEE) SUTTON   [Jlx/ Thos/ Wm/ Calvin/ Thos]
        11 Sep 1871.TN-Jan 1968.Elkins,Washington,AR    SSN 429-94-9706

    29 May 1999

    ADD: [jlx/ Thos/ Needham/...]  from Anna Prestage
    Edward 'Ned' LEE 3/12/1812.TN-8/17/1891.Helena,Shelby,AL
    Martha Roy born 1820 AL - 8/12/1899 Helena,,AL
    Warren Goodson Lee 6/22/1837 ,Shelby,AL-4/15/1906 Helena,,AL
    Lugenia R. Barger 5/9/1842 AL -1/25/1917 Helena
    Edward Carlton Lee 10/10/1880 AL -6/12/1968 Birmingham, AL
    Fannie Laura Walker born 3/30/1886 Clay Co., MS died 11/4/1983 Birmingham, AL
    Frances Eugenia Lee born 1916 mar. Samuel Johnson Prince born 1914
    Anna Laura Prince born 1948 mar. Larry Alan Prestage born 1947

    27 May 1999

  • Lee, Thos. (Capt.) [jlx/...]
    m1.before 1755.Griffin, Mary 1732-1758
    Nicholas 1755-bef.1799.10.16
    Elizabeth 1761.2.7.NC-1842.1.6.TN <<< not dau per jlx book supplement*
    m2.1761.3.15 Bryan, Mary
    Thos. Jr. 1761.12.9-
    [Eleanor] <<< not a LEE per jlx book supplement* -- remove
    Micajah ca.1771-
    m3.1772/74.Mary Ingram-Rains
    iss=8; Needham 1773/74- thru Mary 1793/95-
  • *Discussion:
    According to the supplement to the Johnston, Lang, Lee, & Long book, Elizabeth was not a daughter of Capt. Thos.  She also could not have been a daughter of Mary GRIFFIN (m1), because Mary died before Elizabeth was born.  She might have been the daughter of Mary Bryan (m2), but she was born a month before the wedding.  The next child (Thos. Jr.) was born 10 mo's later.  If the wedding date is wrong, and should be earlier, then Elizabeth would fit in.  Nicholas was about 3 when his mother died, and Capt. Thos. would probably have marr'd about a year after that.  This would place the wedding about 1759/60, rather than 1761 as given.  Has anyone got the marr'g record for Capt. Thos & Mary BRYAN?  How about some comments from the rest of you out there?
    By the same source, Eleanor was also not a daughter of Capt. Thos., and not even a LEE.  Since we have no marr'g or desc's listed for her, it makes little difference to the data, and I suggest removing her from the list.  (Jim - K6HIO)

  • Lee, Thos. Jr. (jlx/ Thos.)
    Lee, James 9 Dec 1761-19 Aug 1828 <<< move from m2 to m1
    m2.Bacon, Mary
    Lee, (issue=9; Samuel thru Mary)

  • Lee, Micajah ca.1769/71- (jlx/ Capt. Thos)
    m1.Bailey, Sarah ca.1780 ?-1793 [wid/Thos.BAILEY] <<< delete dob; definitely wrong
    Elizabeth ca.1790/1800-
    Roda ca.1792.TN-
    m2.Smith, Sarah [wid/John SMITH]

  • Lee, Samuel Charles 1913-1980SSN 411-10-1282

  • 23 May 1999

  • Myra (Harris) Williamson 9 Jun 1902-15 Apr 1991    //Notes: SSN 464-26-6219
  • Perrin B. Williamson 12 Feb 1902-8 May 1991    //Notes: SSN 458-10-0672
  • Cyrus Edwin Harris 24 Dec 1877-Jul 1963    //Notes: SSN 449-05-7742
  • Dessie Thalma Penn 30 Jun 1904-4 Nov 1989    //Notes: SSN 456-17-6000
  • 20 May 1999

  • Smith, Elizabeth c.1784.Hawkins'TN-c.1855.Giles'TN
    +Lee, John c.1780-1815.Giles'TN
          Lee, Cela P. ?-1855.11.15
          +Brownlow, George
  • April '99
    [jlx/ Edward/ James/...]

  • Lee, Elizabeth (1806-1870)
    m1.Walston, Benjamin
    m2.Lee, Alfred
    [NOTE: First 6 children are of marr'g #1 and need surname WALSTON.  Last 2 need to be moved to marr'g #2 (surname LEE).]
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