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Pacific Bell Internet Newsletter
Best of the Net
Adventures in Cyberspace
April 1998

   Previously, we asked you to share how the Internet or e-mail has helped you. We received
   more wonderful and intriguing responses and have included several in this column. Watch for
   other stories in months to come.

        From Jim:

        When I began researching my genealogy about nine years ago, I didn't know there
        were genealogy programs available, even though I had been a programmer since the
        mid-sixties. I spent lots of time in the Federal Archives, Mormon Family History
        Centers, and libraries looking for links to my family. Unlike most, I didn't try to
        research all my family lines -- just the Lees on my mother's side. I began with 12
        names, only 10 of which were correct, and the list grew very slowly.

        After about a year, I discovered the NGC (National Genealogical Conference), a free
        genealogy-only Bulletin Board Service. I made contact with many people, and added
        many names to my list.

        Mostly due to the Internet, I am now the second largest source of Lee data in the
        World (outdone only by the Mormon Church!). I have over 24,000 Lee-related
        names on file, with over 8,000 of them being "my" Lees.

        When you consider that some people have been researching for 20-30 years and have
        a list of perhaps 1,000-2,000 names, while I have over 24,000, you can see that the
        Internet makes quite a difference.

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