Confederate Hospitals Richmond, VA

From: "Betty A. Pace"
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002

The following listing of hospitals shows where Confederate soldiers from various states were treated during the Civil War. I suspect this division would have continued after 1863 but it might have shifted somewhat -- I did not explore all of these links. This is from a web site on Camp Winder, where my ancestor was hospitalized about a month after the Battle of Gettysburg (July 1863). It is from the web site: (underline mark between winder & hospital, not a blank)
There are a number of very interesting articles in the Richmond newspapers (and other sources) regarding Confederate hospitals, even at least one about crime in the hospitals (committed by "hospital rats," soldiers who feigned illness in order to keep from going to the front lines). There are also some entries on Yankee soldiers treated in the Richmond VA area. One particularly interesting entry was a transcription of a patient's letter (Wm. Curtis--no date) of what Camp Winder was like. It is way down on the listing of undated entries, near the bottom. If you click on the home button, you will find that the parent site is about Richmond VA during the Civil War. There is even a link to the prisons in the area, which would have housed Union soldiers captured and shipped to various prisons around Richmond VA, plus a link the Union soldiers buried there. There are also many old photos and maps included. A fascinating site where Civil War buffs could spend hours. Also interesting to those of us who are researching our ancestors who were caught up in the strife of this period on either side.

Betty Pace


1) The soldiers from the States of Maryland, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri, and placed in Chimborazo Hospital, situated at the East terminus of Broad street.

2) Those from North Carolina, in General Hospital No. 24, corner of Main and 26th streets; and in 3d, 4th and 5th divisions, Winder Hospital, west terminus of Cary street.

3) Those from Georgia, will be found in 1st and 2d divisions, Winder hospital, West terminus of Cary street; and in 2d and 3d divisions, Jackson Hospital, near Hollywood Cemetery.

4) Those from Alabama, at the Alabama Hospital, Church Hill, Franklin street; and in 1st division, Howard's Grove Hospital, Mechanicsville turnpike.

5) Those from Mississippi, in 2d division, Howard's Grove Hospital, Mechanicsville turnpike.

6) Those from South Carolina, in 1st division, Jackson Hospital, near Hollywood Cemetery.

7) Those from Louisiana, at the Louisiana Hospital, West end Broad street, and in 4th division, Jackson Hospital, near Hollywood Cemetery.

8) Those from Florida, in General Hospital No. 11, 19th street between Main and Franklin.

9) Those from Texas, at the Texas Hospital, Main street, near terminus of City Railway.

The following are Confederate hospitals, with their locations:

General Hospital No. 1, North terminus of 2d street;
General Hospital No. 21, cor of 25th and Cary streets;
Henningson Hospital, Wall street;
Samaritan Hospital, Clay street, between 5th and 6th;
Robertson Hospital, corner Main and 3d streets;
General Hospital No. 4, corner 10th and Marshall streets.
The commissioned officers are to be found in Confederate Hospital No. 10, corner of Main and 19th streets.
Officers in private quarters, (Surgeon A. Y. P. Garnett,) Broad street, between 9th and 10th.
Wayside Hospital, General Hospital No. 12, corner of 19th and Franklin streets, where soldiers can have their wants supplied without expense.
Receiving Hospital, General Hospital No. 9, corner of 17th and Grace streets.
Prison Hospital, General Hospital No. 13, 20th street, between Main and Franklin.

In addition to the above, Wayside Hospitals established at Petersburg, Danville, Farmville, Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Liberty, and Staunton, near the railroad depots, at which sick and disabled soldiers may have their wants supplied without expense.


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