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The 1998 JLX News Archive
For Researchers of John LEE, Esq. of Johnston Co., NC


December News:

  •         This news from Maj. Glenn Lee: "Major General Wm. C. LEE, who descended from the JLX line, is known as the father of the WWII  101st Airborne Division."

    November News:
            Only 1/2-way thru the month and 4 new cousins already -- we're really growing!  New cousin Betty Rayner adds the following corrections & additions:

     8 xxb1342D	Lee, Milton Harvey  1847.3.12.AR-1916.7.19.Fresno,CA
     8 xxb1342D-	Boyd, Margaret Jane ?-?.Fresno,CA [no proof]
     9 xxb1342D1	Lee, Grace Clara 1876.2.13-1951.8.11.Fresno,CA
     9 xxb1342D1-	Hutchison, James  m1.
     9 xxb1342D1-	Markwood, Dave  m2.
    10 xxb1342D11	Hutchison, Nellie 1888.6.3.KingsRiver,Fresno'CA-
    10 xxb1342D12	Hutchison, Edith E. 1895.3.25.Fresno,CA-1972.1.22.Fresno,CA
    10 xxb1342D12-	King, ?  (French - real surname ROI = KING in English)
    11 xxb1342D12a	King, Bettie Louise c.1932.Fresno,CA-
    11 xxb1342D12a-	Rayner, ? ?-c.1995.Fresno,CA
    10 xxb1342D13	Hutchison, Ethel 1895.6.11.Reedly,Fresno'CA-
     9 xxb1342D2	Lee, Edith 1878.2.5.SanJose,CA- (d@2-1/2 scalded)
     9 xxb1342D3	Lee, Rose "Rosie" 1880.1.25.Grant'OR-
     9 xxb1342D3-	Ziz, ?
     9 xxb1342D4	Lee, M.H. 1881-1955.5.?.Seaside,Monterey'CA
    And new cousin Shirley McDaniel adds:
     7 xxb134D	Lee, Eleanor Caroline "Ellen" 1821.3.21/23-1864.4.6
     7 xb134D-	Wilson, John McElroy (Judge)
     8 xxb134Da	Wilson, Josephine 
     8 xxb134Da-	Blair, Robert Donell
     9 xxb134Dab	Blair, John Insley 
     9 xxb134Dab-	Conley, Viola
    10 xxb134Dabc	Blair, Emma 
    10 xxb134Dabc-	Pigler, John
    11 xxb134Dabcd	Pigler, Shirley 
    11 xxb134Dabcd	McDaniel, ?

    October News:  
            Welcome to 4 new cousins.  I don't have their full lines yet, but hope to receive them soon.  WELCOME to all of you!
            Meanwhile, back at the ranch, cousin Marika Kolb has just informed me that the data that she sent me last June is "all wrong", and she will be sending a corrected version soon.  [See June '98 news -- link deleted.]

    September News:  
            Welcome to another new cousin, Grace Vance, a descendant of Delia (LEE) BRADLEY [8-xxb12352].

    August News: 
            Another new cousin!  This time it's Chris Reeder.  His line is shown below, and he adds over 750 names to our GEDCOM file, making it over 9,000 names total.  THANKS Chris -- nice work!
    And, Chris has his own genie website.

     8 xxb1323a		Lee, Rosanna 
     8 xxb1323a-		Reeder, Benjamin Samuel
     9 xxb1323ab		Reeder, Joseph Samuel
    10 xxb1323abc		Reeder, Henry Samuel
    11 xxb1323abcd		Reeder, Henry Dewitt
    12 xxb1323abcde		Reeder, Ralph Lynn
    13 xxb1323abcdef	Reeder, Chris Lynn

    July News:
            A bit of bad news. My guess that Wayne Lee's data on a John LEE and my "ship list" John might show the 3 generations of ancestors prior to JLX has proved wrong. Wayne's John LEE, who would be the right generation to match my ship-list John (and be JLX's ggf), stayed in England, and only his sons Wm. & Richard came to VA. Too bad, but we'll keep looking. Here's Wayne's data -- good job, Wayne:

    -2    f.0142.x          Lee, John (Sir) [remained in England]
    -2    f.0142.x-         Romney, Joyce
    -1    f.0142.x0         (8 sons -- 2 to VA)
    -1    f.0142.x2         Lee, William 1597-1653.3.22 (2nd son)
    -1    f.0142.x2-        ???, Mary
     0    f.0142.x21        Lee, William II 1637-1694.1.? (only son)
     0    f.0142.x21-       ???, Ann
     1    f.0142.x210       (2 sons)
     1    f.0142.x211       Lee, William III 1683.6.23-1761.5.26
     1    f.0142.x211-      ???, Rebecca  m.1720
     2    f.0142.x2110      (1 son & 4 daughters)
     2    f.0142.x211a      Lee, William IV 1723-1796.9.12  m.1745 (only son)
     3    f.0142.x211a0     (5 sons & 5 daughters)
     3    f.0142.x211ab     Lee, Thomas 1747-1843
     3    f.0142.x211ab-    Murphy, Hannah  m1.
     3    f.0142.x211ab-    Smith, Sara  m2.
     4    f.0142.x211ab0    (issue=20)
     3    f.0142.x211ac     Lee, Michael Byrd 1787.10.7-1837.12.3
     3    f.0142.x211ac-    Willard, Mary
     4    f.0142.x211ac0    (3 brothers; contemporaries of Robt. E. LEE)
     4    f.0142.x211ac1    Lee, Berry Willard 1814-1902
     4    f.0142.x211ac2    Lee, Robert Byrd 1823-1891
     4    f.0142.x211ac3    Lee, John Thomas 1825-1908
     1    f.0142.x212       Lee, John [c.1695? -- probably not JLX]
    -1    f.0142.x6         Lee, Richard 1602-1664  (6th son)
    -1    f.0142.x6-        ???, Ann  m.1643
            Our new cousin, Katherine Taylor, has added some data and rearranged the child order for our Elizabeth Jane GRIFFIN branch [ 7-xxb14E8... ].  Thanks, Katherine!

    June News:
            Data I missed from the supplement for the JLX book by Johnston, et al, plus a 7th child from new cousin Marika Kolb, has added to our list of names.  Since it's too large to fit on this page, it's on a seperate page.  [Marika notified me in Oct'98 that the data was wrong, so the page and link have been deleted. -- Jim]
          Our new cousin Wayne Lee has provided us with some more names for our file.  I've added them to a GED Update file, which can be downloaded from the JLX homepage.  If you don't use GED files, here's the data:

    Lee, Lovard "Lovet"
    Grant, Winnfred
         Lee, Robert Edward 1862.12.1-1937.11.28 [child#2/8]
         (spouse unknown)
              Lee, (issue=8)
              Lee, Rufus Allen 1898.11.3-1958.11.16
              Johnson, Cindy 1897.7.1-1962.8.8
                  Lee, Joseph 1931.6.22-1972.11.10
                  Corbett, Minnie 1935.12.15- 
                       Lee, Wayne 1956.3.6-
    I've asked him to fill-in more of the blanks (if he has the data), so we may get more soon.
    May News: 
            Can it be that we're "hot on the trail" of jlx's ancestors?  As you may know, several months ago I found a ship list entry:

    ["Ship List Extracts", Vol. I - (Before 1661), p.122]
    2 Jan 1635 'Merchant Bonaventur' London to VA
         Hill, John (50)
         Wood, John (26)
         Bryan, John (25)
         Sturdevant, Roger (21)
         Lee, John (17)

    Because these surnames are constant neighbor-surnames of jlx, I presume they are related to our bunch.  However, that leaves several generations missing this John LEE and jlx -- who are they?  This morning I got email from cousin Laura Lee, who cc'd me an email from Wayne Lee.  According to him, it's possible that the line goes this way (my data & his combined):
        John LEE ca.1618.ENGL-  (London to VA Jan 2, 1635 aboard the Merchant Bonaventur)
            William LEE [ca.1645?.VA-]
                William LEE II [ca.1660?.VA-]
                    William (George?) LEE III [ca.1685?.VA-]
                    John LEE 1685.VA-                            { are these the
                    John LEE Esq. ca.1690/1700.VA?-     { same John LEE?
    More research will tell the tale.  Onward & upward -- good hunting...

    Apr. News:
            Cousin Rod Pennington has a new website at .  He's just learning, and says it isn't much yet, but he'll work on it.  Right now, he has some interesting old pictures of his LEE line, and of his 2 children & their dog.  However, I don't believe the picture of him and his wife is correct. <G>
            Tripod has upped the maximum free-site size from 2 to 5 Mb, so I now have room to expand.  The first things to be added are the master FGS lists (both alphabetical & by family/sibling order), which are about 333 pp. ea. on 17" x 11" paper.  There are now over 25,500 names in each, and I have more names to add that it will take the count over 26,000 very soon.
            Another thing to be added is a roster of "researching cousins".  However, I haven't figured out how to lay that out yet.  I want to show the "tree" with JLX at the top and the paths to each cousin.  Yet I have to be carefull about giving out "private" info on anybody while still making the list usefull.
            I've also added a "Notify me when it changes" link to this page, and some "speed-buttons" to zip you from the top of the page to any section.  Enjoy!

    Mar. News:
            After being otherwise being kept busy by having to evict tenents that refused to leave, I'm back to "genie" work.  Today, I'll be uploading a new GEDCOM file, which has about 800-1,000 new names.  Please note that the FGS file will not reflect these changes, as it was too much work to update both files.  The GEDCOM is now the "Master" file for our LEEs, and after I finish writing a GED-to-FGS conversion program, the 2 files should match.  And, I'm still trying to figure out how to display how all the "researching cousins" fit into the family -- not an easy task.  Stay tuned.
      I found an incorrect "chunk" of data that was included in the JLX line.  Removing it caused our desc name count to drop from 8,080 to below 8,000 -- that's the bad news.  The good news is that new data was submitted which brought the count back up to 8,366 desc's.  Keep it up, gang!

    Feb. News:
            With the Xmas season over, I'm beginning to get caught-up on all the new data and on revising this site.  Both the FGS & GEDCOM files have changed significantly, with the addition of several hundred names -- and more to come.  There are also quite a few corrections that were made.  And, true to form, we're also still getting about 2 new cousins per month -- nice!  But, this means that even I am having a devil of a time trying to remember which of the 70+ cousins are of what branch of the family, so very soon I'll be adding a page that tells who's who.  -- Jim --

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