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        If you have new data, which is NOT already included in the current FGS (or GEDCOM) of a family, please e-mail it to me as an "attached file" (not "text") in GEDCOM for PAF format (zipped -- & please DO NOT duplicate more than the "end" name in the branch you're adding to).  If you are unable to generate a GEDCOM file, and wish to submit data, please use a brief "indented" format as opposed to a wordy "narrative" one.  Please include dates & spouses if known.
Place Names
        It seems there are a lot of people who don't know there's a proper way & an other way to enter places in "genie" programs, so I'll make it clear right here.

Correct format:
        city,county,state,country or city,,state or ,county,state (country isn't needed unless it's
        other than USA).
Incorrect format:
        city,state (needs 2 commas) or county,state (needs a leading comma)

        If you find any errors, have any corrections, or have any other info for the group, please e-mail them to me.