Thos. Lee - builder of Stratford Hall
The Famous Virginia LEEs
Gen. Robt. Edw. LEE

  • Two signers of the Declaration of Independance (Richard Hy & Francis L.) plus:
  • "Light Horse Harry" LEE (famous, yet a horsethief in the end) & his sons:
  • "Black Harry" (the black sheep & skeleton in the closet) &
  • Gen. Robt. E. LEE (the only West Point Cadet to ever have a zero demerit record)
       These are the desc's of Richard "The Immigrant" (1602-1663/4).  The data for this family was taken from the book "Lee Of Virginia", by Edmund Jennings Lee, pub. 1895.  The book is out of print, but may sometimes be had thru inter-library loan.  Additional data was added from members of this family.

The "Official" Record Keeper for this family is:
The Society of the Lees of Virginia 
c/o Membership Secretary
3319 Gloucester Road
Richmond, Virginia, 23227-4715
[NOTE: SASE required]

    Boyd, Jody
    Carnoali, Patsy
    Duvall, Eddy 
    Havens, Dennis - NGC
    Hernandez, Nancy
    Hull, Mary - NGC
    Kinnamon, Randy - NGC
    Mathes, Donald - NGC
    McDonald, Ann - NGC
    Moore, Tom - NGC
    Murphy, Jerry - NGC
    Petitt, Tricia - Genealogy Site
    Rothery, Deborah - NGC
    Sissom, Joe - NGC
    Soare, Pegeen
    Stenhouse, Douglas
    Tindall, Lora
    ???, Sharlet

[NOTE: NGC is the National Genealogical Conference, a free "genie" BBS system that is dying rapidly because of migration to the internet.]

Teams: (none known)

  Gen. Robt. E. LEE & Desc's - Tree (new browser pg. -- has data not shown below)
  Link to Stratford Hall - birthplace of Robt. E. LEE (new browser pg.)
  Online chart for "Lee of Virginia" by Edmund Jennings LEE, 1895 == EXCELLENT!

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  FGS by family 
   Add data on the Hancock LEE  line [4-2562]    22 Feb 1999
   Add more data on the Hancock LEE  line [4-2562] from Lora Tindall    22 May 2000
 Zipped files:  
   Desc's of Thos. LEE (3 generatons prior to Richard Henry LEE (the immigrant) - 3,312 names
   Submitted by Jody Boyd.

   8 Nov. 2001
   GEDCOM  (unproven) mostly from Paul Nagel's "The Lees of Virginia"
courtesy of  Ken W. Jones  (1,851 names)
  17 Jun 1999
   FGS List  (about 28 pp.)    1 Oct 1997
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