Section, Township, & Range Calculator
Sorry !!!
Errors have been discovered in the calculator.
I will return a new, better, & more accurate version ASAP.
Having acquired congestive heart failure, and caring for an ill mother, I've not had any spare time to work on a new version.  Therefore, I am going to link to a calculator written by someone else, that claims to be accurate.  Eventually, I hope to return to this project.  If you've used the "MindIt" box below, you'll be notified when that happends. 
Good hunting, Jim.
OffSite Twp & Range Calculator

If you've used the calculator before, please return when it's fixed to re-do your calculations.

To those of you who were helping me find the problem, my hard-drive controller card went nuts, and I lost about 18Mb of programs & data -- as well as all your e-mail to me.  Please re-send your sample S/T/R-vs-Lat/Lon data.  Thanks!
Jim @ LeeHouse
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