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The 1999 JLX News Archive
For Researchers of John LEE, Esq. of Johnston Co., NC


18 Nov '99: - More New Cousins

  • Welcome to new cousins Sammy Lee & James D. Lee.  Their lines are shown in the new cousin list.  Sammy is making a GEDCOM for us of the desc's of Velo LEE, and additional info has been requested from James.  Welcome to the group, both of you!

    20 Oct '99: - 2 New Cousins

  • Welcome to new cousins Christopher & Haywood Lee.  Their lines are shown in the 'New Cousin' section.  Christopher adds 2 names & Haywood adds 6 children of Ingram LEE & Martha BRASWELL (see Changes page for details).  Thanks to both of you, and welcome to the group!

    8 Aug '99: - New Cousin

  • Finally! I was beginning to wonder what happened.  For a long time we were getting an average of 2 new cousins per month, but in June & July we didn't get any.  Well, now we've got another to break the dry spell.  A big WELCOME to new researching cousin Barbara (LEE) Hamilton!  You can see her line (down to her father) in the "New Cousins" list.  WELCOME, Barbara!

    11 Jun '99: - Data Update

  • Cousin Glenn Chrisman provided about 35 new names today.  I've made a zipped supplemental GED of it -- desc's of Britton LEE [jlx/ Edward/ Lemuel/ Wm.S./ Britton].  CAUTION: There are 42 names in the GED -- a few are duplicates of what you should already have.  Don't forget to merge & match as needed.  This should bring us to over 10,000 names!!!

    4 Jun '99:
    Data Updates!

  • Yesterday, the large FGS files were updated (almost 28,000 names in each).
  • Today, I placed a new JLX-GED file on the site.  This GED includes ALL the changes, additions, & corrections to date (9,992 names).  Hey folks!  Do you realize we're only 8 names away from breaking 10,000?  WOW! 

    1 Jun '99:

  • CORRECTION!  From Glenn Smith - Mon, 31 May 1999:
          Please discard/trash the Smith family tree file that I sent you earlier. The accompanying file contains the latest info I have and is also free of any personal info on living personnel that I may have inadvertently left intact in the original file.

    May '99:

  • 105 new names.  From Glenn Smith's GEDCOM, I have extracted the desc's of Mary Ann LEE [JLX/ Edw/ John/ Thos].  They are in a zipped GED (gdSmith.ged).

  • Welcome to 2 new cousins:  Anna Prestage & Glenn D. Smith, who's lines are shown in the "New Cousin" table.  A big WELCOME to both of you!
          Anna's data has been added to the "Corrections" page, and I'll be extracting data from Glenn's GEDCOM very soon.
          This is amazing! We're still averaging about 2 new "researching cousins" per month.  Do you know of any other family with so many researchers?

  • Welcome to new cousin Jeany ??? (I'll find out soon).  Because she's an AOL user, her name doesn't appear in the header, and she didn't 'sign' her initial e-mail.  From her email, I don't think she knows about LeeHouse, and especially the JLX pages, so she's in for a big suprise.  I'd like to see her face when she discovers over 100 'researching cousins' and over 9,100 desc's of JLX.   In any case, welcome to the group, Jeany!

    April '99:

  • Another new cousin
          Welcome to our latest new cousin, Michael Murphy.  Michael is part of the John Jr./ Hopkins line.  WELCOME, cuz!  Data will follow.

  • About 240 More Names
          My apologies to Cindy Brock.  Somehow, I overlooked posting her data to LeeHouse.  I discovered that error while "cleaning" my Hard Drive.  The files (self-extracting GEDCOM & FGS list) are available on the JLX Home page.

    March '99:

  • Another New Researching Cousin
          As seems to be the case every month, we've added another new cousin -- making our average of 2 per month.  WELCOME to Joshua Bobbitt of Downey, CA, who adds 28 new names to our file.  Josh is most interested in finding the link to [REL], and will be joining that group.  At the moment, he's in school and working at DisneyLand, but says he'll have more time in the summer to persue the hunt.  Good hunting, Josh, and welcome again to the group.

  • Now 100 JLX Researching Cousins!!!
          Over the top!  According to my database of researchers, with the addition of Josh Bobbitt (above) we now have 100 "researching cousins" working on the JLX line.  With an average of about 2 new researchers per month, that number will get even bigger.  One of these days, we'll have to have a centrally-located family reunion.  Give it some thought, & let me know what you think.
  • The Virginia Archives Have Deeds Online!
          We can now extract all the LEE (and BRYAN, HILL, & WOOD) index data, from which we can go directly to a .tiff image of the deeds.  This will allow us to see the signature "marks", so that one John LEE isn't confused with another.  Any volunteers to read the "olde" script & transcribe it so that I can plat them on maps -- PLEASE?  I'll be making new pages for the deed list and actual deeds -- stay tuned.
          The search for the parents of JLX continues (see General News article).
  • LDS Says They'll Put Data Online Soon!
          Finally! Our prayers for data are answered! (See General News article.)
  • New cousin -- new data!
          Welcome to new cousin Crystal Lee.  She brings us an additional 86 names for the JLX file.  A GEDCOM of the new data (zipped) is available for you to merge with your file.  Thanks, Crystal, & WELCOME!
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