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Due to severe heart problems, I'm not doing any genealogy at this time.  Please use and enjoy what's on this site, but don't expect me to take an active part in your research at this time.  Good hunting!   --Jim

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  • Lee House
    The LEE Data Info Hub

    • A single place to keep & see the latest LEE data
    • Over 28,000 LEE-related names on file
    • Common-goal "Research Teams"
    • Newsletters to keep track of who's working on what
    • Sharing & Teamwork -- the keys to success 

    Why a central "Info Hub"?

            Think about this.  There are now just over 100 "researching cousins" in my John LEE, Esq. line.  In order to keep up with the latest news and data, I'd have to periodically send messages to all of these people (as they would also).  That's a lot of mail, and think about how much time it would take!
            Wouldn't it be much simpler and less time-consuming to send your data to a single person or place (here), and get ALL the latest news & data from ALL the other researchers at the same time?  That's why there needs to be a central "Info Hub".  Using this method, I've collected more LEE data than anybody else I know of (except the Mormon Church), so I know it works.

    Please help me with this site

            Your say your LEEs aren't listed as one of the major families shown below?  Then give me enough data to add them to the list.  And, no GEDCOM or Newsletter for your LEEs?  Submit a GEDCOM, &/or volunteer to write a newsletter for them.  I'll make a page for your family, and add it to this site.

    Before you send me any data, PLEASE read
    Info about Submitting Data

    And, Don't

           PLEASE !!!  Don't download data from this site & pass it on to others -- have them come here to get it.  The data changes almost daily, and they need to get the latest version.  If this data shows up at other sites, and is updated there, the changes won't be reflected here, and the whole purpose of a "single" site (this one) will be ruined.

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