Ref. books John LEE, Esq. (JLX)
of Johnston Co., NC
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Some Important Notes
  1. Despite what you may have heard elsewhere, the parents of John LEE, Esq.  (Referred to by many of us as "JLX") have NOT been discovered yet, although we have a team of researchers working on that very project.  Previous work showing him to be the son of Hancock LEE & Sarah ALLERTON was proven to be false.  Hancock's son John was never married, and died without issue (per the Society of the Lees of Virginia -- the official record keepers of that family).
  2. Many years ago, Will Franke drew a chart showing JLX's son Capt. Thos. LEE to be the son of Richard LEE of Ditchly. Despite the fact that even Will Franke later agreed that this was an error, many people refuse to accept the error as such, and hang onto it as truth because it ties them to the famous Virginia LEEs. Believe me, there is ample proof to show that Capt. Thos. LEE was a son of JLX.
  3. The oft sought link to the famous Virginia LEEs above (as in Light Horse Harry and his son Gen.  Robt.  E.  LEE) has NOT been found yet.  There are a few people working on this project.
  4. There is an error in the "JLX" book by Johnston, Lang, Lee, & Long.  On pg.20, Ann LEE DID NOT marry "Fred BURN".  Ann was the wife of Tobias BUNN.  Fred BURN (really Fred'k BUNN) was the husband of Zilphia ALTMAN, the sister of Morning ALTMAN.
  5. Where did the "Esquire" come from?  Kay Wrageg has the answer.
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JLX Desc's in Butler Co,AL
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Barbara Galbreath
Becky Lambert
Henrietta Long
Rubye Phelps
Tony Powell
Temple Simmons
Link to famous VA LEEs Joshua Bobbitt
Jim Williams
Link to the Hugh LEE line Earl Betts
Marika Kolb
Joe Dean Lee /Houston,TX
Mandy Queen
LEE - RAINS connection Vicki Rice
Desc's of Daniel R. LEE Vicki Trussell
Desc's of Sterling Rose LEE Peggy Ingram
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Our "Master Error Finder" John Goldsmith
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File: As of: -- new full GEDCOM includes all except below (9,992 names)   4 Jun 1999
Cris-ged.ZIP -- 42 names (about 35 new) from Glenn Chrisman
[jlx/ Edward/ Lemuel/ Wm.S./Britton...]
11 Jun 1999 -- 34 names from Liz Allman; [jlx/ Thos./ James/ Isaac/ Isaac/] Charlie Blane LEE + spouse & desc's 28 Feb. 2000 -- 19 duplicates with some new info + 34 new names from John Goldsmith [Gaines LEE +] 28 Feb. 2000 -- 136 names with a few duplicates from Wayne Lee [Robt. Edw. LEE (1862-1937) +desc's] 7 May 2000 -- Walter Washington LEE +known desc's 29 June 2001 -- Susie Rachel LEE (dau/John Washington LEE) +known desc's (abt 44 names) 18 Oct 2001 -- desc's of Wm. B. LEE (1845-1900); 43 new names from cuz Chris A. Lee 26 Feb 2004
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